Handling transport equipment

Ports and transhipment hubs often require specialized equipment that meets  the scheduled cargo operations . Famak manufactures the whole range of handling equipment such as stacker- reclaimers,  stackers, wagon tipplers or portal stackers and conveyor systems.

Portal stackers are connected to the system of belt conveyors. They are  primarily used in power industry in combustion gases desulphurization gypsum  warehouses. In that way warehouse storage space is optimally used, being  loaded from upwards so  the  warehouse storage capacity can be increased. 

Stackers and stacker-reclaimers designed and manufactured by Famur Famak   could handle the storage yards in mines, power plants and ports. Reclaiming capacity reaches up to 4000 t / h . ,  stacking capacity attains  2000 t / h.

Wagon tipplers together with paddle feeders constitute coal  the unloading hubs. This type of equipment manufactured and supplied by FAMUR FAMAK performs its heavy  duty  in power plants, ports and storage yards.


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